Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Welcome to Asians in Hollywood!
This website is a collection of pictures and information on celebrities who are full-blooded Asians or partly Asians and have made their names on the worldwide entertainment industry. It is the Americans and Europeans who have the biggest influence when it comes to celebrity world. Their movies, actors, TV shows and other projects are well-recognized all over the globe. However, there are Asian actors and partly Asian ones who have joined this industry and have become famous. Some of them physically look caucasians or Americans that people don't even notice that they are actually Asians.

What does this website try to do?
This website tries to sift the entertainment industry and find out who are the Asians and partly Asian celebrities out there. Their information and pictures will be collected here. With this website, Asians out there - like Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, etc. - will get to recognize their fellow countrymen who have made it big in the worldwide entertainment industry!

What about celebrities with small roles?
Even Asian actors and actresses who have had or will be having (small) roles on American and European movies (even independent films) will be featured here. These roles may be small and these movies may be not so famous but these Asian celebrities will still be recognized here.

What kind of celebrity are they?
The Asian celebrities that are posted here can be anyone whom you see on mass media. They can be movie actors, TV show actors, singers, musicians, models and TV show hosts!

Enjoy surfing this website!